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Thank You From the Fire Chief

This is a thank you letter from Manuel Navaro, Colorado Springs Fire Chief, for our work during the Castle West Apartments in January 2007.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

On behalf of the City of Colorado Springs and the Colorado Springs Fire Department I would like to extend my thanks to Disaster Restoration, Inc. for the promp and professional service provided to our community during the fire at Castle West Apartments in January 2007.

Without the support of Disaster Restoration, Inc. the impact of this fire would have been far greater to the victims and to the community as a whole.  Your organization provided a tremendous resource which enabled efforts at fire suppression and investigation to proceed quickly and safely, and the victims needs were addressed in a fashion that should make all public agencies proud.

The collaboration, cooperation and professionalism your organization exhibited provides a stellar example of how efficient this community, our neighbors and its partnering agencies are.  The extent to which our professional friendships and relationships can come together exhibit a positive impact and outcome to an otherwise tragic event.

Thank you again. If our agency can ever be of service or assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to ask.