24/7/ Emergency Cleanup

Responsive, Understanding, and High Quality

The title is my 4 word review of DRI.

Our son stopped by the house when my wife and I were out of town and found that a broken pipe had flooded the first floor and the basement.

I only found this out Sunday morning. I called State Farm and they told me to get a water extraction team in there. I googled “water extraction” and found DRI. I called them and within 45 minutes on a Sunday morning, they had a team of perhaps 6 people there working to mitigate the damage. By the time, I flew home that evening, they had done an incredible amount and were still in full swing working very hard until after I went to bed that night. This continued for days.
What surprised me was from the first moment I talked with them, they were helpful, informative, and actually concerned with how I felt seeing the destruction. Right up front I liked them and felt I had been lucky to have called them.
Mitigation of damages is its own art and Chris Weston and team made some calls to save the kitchen that State Farm questioned until they understood the risks. As it turns out, Chris was successful. Everyone (DRI, State Farm, and especially me) was happy. What was amazing in this process is that Chris and State Farm came very close in their estimates of the mitigation and repairs and came to agreement right away. This is not always the case, and my adjuster was extremely pleased. Everything went smoothly between DRI and State Farm for the remainder of the project. It all worked.
The next stage was putting everything back like it had been. This became an opportunity to not only repair but to update/improve. Chip Sharp became the project head/general contractor. He was happy, at my request, to make recommendations about how to improve. He knows what he’s talking about. He was also amazingly demanding on quality. In a project as large as ours, (new wood floors on the main floor, new ceiling, new lighting, new walls, new carpet, and new cabinetry in the finished basement) some things are going to go wrong. Chip had many things corrected and a major job redone to meet his standards. I really didn’t need to worry. He saw things I wouldn’t have and had them fixed. I was also impressed with the quality of their subcontractors. Everyone understood how difficult it was for me, the homeowner, and was very respectful of the property.
A specific mention must be made of DRI’s own wonderful moving team. They cleared the rooms and put the furniture, etc. in a pod in my driveway as well as in the garage and rooms upstairs. They were nice and efficient. They worked well together and were careful with our belongings. They, as well as everyone else, took plenty of photographs to document what was there, what they did, and how to put it back.
Towards the end, Chip had to attend some personal matter and Josh Hanson stepped in to coordinate the project. I was sad to lose Chip because he was amazing. As it turns out, Josh brought the same attention to detail and quality that Chip did. You could say he was chip of the “old” Chip. He brought the matter to completion and my wife and I are happy campers. I’ve just paid the final bill and there were no surprises. State Farm and DRI were good on their words.
During such a protracted period where nothing is as it was and a tremendous upheaval is going on inside your very own home, I was happy to be dealing with such a high quality firm who understood and did what it said it would do. My experience with DRI, given the circumstances, was a pleasure.  My house is now in better shape than it was before the water damage. Thank you DRI!
Paul Holden