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Where Are They Now: Shelby Lynn Lowder

I haven’t talked to you since I started school so I thought it would be great to touch base with you all. I’m just starting the 4th week of school.

Thus far I have been extremely busy! There are so many different events and activities happening on campus all the time. I am looking at doing a study abroad program with the ISV organization this summer in which I would do some sort of community service project in either Costa Rica, Ecuador, or the Dominican Republic. I would be there for 4 weeks which would completely submerge me into the culture as well as the language.

I am currently waiting to hear back to see if I was accepted into the program and if so, which trip I will be making. I took my Spanish placement test last week and wasn’t able to test out of any credits the first time but, it was recommended that I take the test again now that I know what to expect. So I plan on taking that test again here within the next week.

All of my classes are going great. So far my favorite classes are English and Math. They are smaller sized so I feel like I get a little more hands on time with the instructor. My Connections class has come to an end this past week. I’m still waiting for my grades to be finalized but I’m fairly certain that I passed the class with an A.

I recently took my first math quiz and my first civilization humanities test in which I received a high B for both. I have an upcoming chemistry test in which I am rather nervous but, I have already started studying so I’m hoping it won’t be too hard.

I haven’t changed my major yet, so I’m still planning on going into nursing with a minor in Spanish. I’m still on a wait list for the CNA program but I hope to start it at the end of November and then complete it by late December or early January. I’m hoping to start the actual nursing program next fall if all goes according to plan.

Well that’s all for now. I want to thank you guys again for this amazing scholarship. I am able to be successful because of your team’s generous donation. I hope that my success can make your organization proud!

Thanks again for your time!