24/7/ Emergency Cleanup

"The work done by you and your team is second to none."

I will go to ReviewBuzz and do a very positive review, as the work done by you and your team is second to none. really do notice these items, that many people don’t. Just to name a few items that I saw and are very much appreciated……

1. the main kitchen island was a challenge bringing all the electrical, gas and makeup air through the center without having to modify the cabinets and make everything fit…..not sure how you did it, but it was amazing. Plus you were provided the cabinets designed by Lowe’s and myself, and still everything fits. This really was a work of art to make this happen.

2. the wood flooring is spectacular and draws comments from everyone. I’m so pleased that we ended up going with engineered wood rather than solid wood. The kitchen floor preparation was a challenge but turned out great….I remember seeing how flat it was and very impressive.

3. the lower floor cabinet installation turned out exceptional…..we’re really impressed with the soffit work done by you and Roy and it looks great. Julie really likes the island concept (Kevin worked with Lowe’s on this idea) and we’ve seated 5 for dinner.

4. the lower floor tile (happy tile) orientation was really the way to go (thanks to you and Jeri) with all the same diagonal direction rather making transitions between rooms.

5. I’m really impressed with Roy’s carpentry skills………trims, doors, soffits, cabinets, etc etc….he’s really good.

6. I’m really impressed with the way your painter finished the doors and wood trim………..very professional. He really knows what he is doing with oil based priming and staining and sprayed on…..looks very good.

7. Appliance installations turned out very good, with several requiring custom modifications to cabinets, particularly to exhaust ducting.

8. Julie and I are extremely happy with the granite counters…..she just loves her Ivory Coast counters in the lower kitchen. We had those shipped from Houston.

9. I noticed the under-cabinet plumbing and how nice and organized it looks.

10. The major modifications you made for the new lower floor “grandma’s shower” were outstanding. Jim’s ideas were instrumental but your plumbing efforts really make the bath and laundry both a showplace!

11. Plus your client was intent on doing his own major electrical modifications and nearly 70 each new recessed lighting fixtures. This was a major effort, but, if I can say so myself, I think the electrical and lighting turned out very well (except for a couple of recessed lights that had to be relocated).

12. Last but not least, the main floor entry tile (with pinecones) turned out real well, as many people and suppliers had a part in this. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was professionally designed (maybe my second career?). I remember you and I working at the last minute with the dimensions (provided by our pinecone tile designer) so the wood floor could be installed first. Julie said she and her friend Karen had a big part in supervising this tile installation effort!

A big Thank You to you all who made this all happen.

Best Regards,
Robert & Julie Chambers
29101 Marys Drive
Conifer, CO 80433