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Water Damage Experts now accepting applications for 2012 Colorado Fire Service Scholarship

For almost a decade now Water Damage Experts has provided scholarships to outstanding children and grandchildren of Colorado’s active fire service personnel.

We are pleased to announce the tradition will continue in 2012.

“Having been on scene too many times to count and witnessing first-hand this repeated dedication, devotion to duty and, in many cases, outright heroism, we set out to find a way to recognize those vast efforts,” Water Damage Experts spokeswoman Jamie Bruce said. “The Colorado Fire Service Scholarship Fund is a perfect way to do just that.”
The goal of the fund was to provide scholarships not only to good students, but to those who exhibited exceptional achievement, going above and beyond their peers, just as their firefighter family members go above and beyond the call of duty.

To date, Water Damage Experts has helped fund the higher education dreams of 13 students. In all, Water Damage Experts has awarded nearly $100,000 in college scholarship funds.

For more on the scholarship, including how to apply, click here.